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Disintegration I

This picture is very dark. The Yin&Yang symbol is messy and the two fish “eyes” are replaced by four white ones set into the heads of two fat, grub-like creatures that occupy the Yin and Yang parts of the symbol. It is not clear which of those patches represents the Yang and which one the Yin. The original colours have been partly dissolved, mixed and re-applied so that they are partly obliterated.

When a person is in poor health, or is under severe duress, the emotional part of the mind becomes vulnerable to doubt. Self doubt is an affliction that, if carried over a long period, alters the balance between the perceptions of what is right and what is wrong. This lack of perception in a person makes it easy to recruit him in the army or train him for enforcement duties. It also renders him vulnerable to manipulation by criminals and persons who lack compassion.